Dried Candy Caps

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wonderful, and at a price way below market.


Candy caps (or lactarius rubidus) are sweet, and they taste and smell like maple syrup when dried. They are excellent in desserts such as cookies, breads, waffles, pancakes, custards and ice cream, and also pair well with pork as a relish or chutney in savory dishes. Candy caps should be served independent of other mushrooms to highlight its unique flavor. One exception may be black morels, whose rich flavor balances out the sweetness of the candy caps.


candy cap mushrooms (lactarius rubidus)


We began hunting for wild mushrooms and drying them, over ten years ago. We've always been extremely picky about the quality of our mushrooms; our selection now includes wild mushrooms from Oregon and California, cultivated mushrooms from China, and truffle and mushroom products from Italy.
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